Fennel seed is one of the first spices that someone new to Ayurveda is likely to encounter. Among the spices, fennel has all the properties of ajwain, black pepper, or chilies, but fennel is milder, and it has a sweet quality that makes it less heating. It does so much for the body, but it does it gently. 

In Ayurveda it is considered that ill health begins with poor digestion. Fennel enhances the digestive fire. It relieves gas and bloating and cools the digestive system. It is good for the eyes and very good for colic pains.

Fennel promotes breast milk flow; it is highly estrogenic thus can help women with hormonal imbalances, however avoid if your estrogen levels are too high.

The greener the fennel seeds are, the fresher they are. 

Predominant taste – sweet, astringent/cooling in smaller amounts; heating in large amounts.