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Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Training – Self Paced, Online

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About Course

Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Training

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards optimal health and wellness? Our Online Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Training program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from the fundamentals of Ayurveda to advanced topics such as detox therapies, gut health and nutrition, mental health, and weight management.

With 9 modules, 36 lessons, and workshops on cooking to create healthy and delicious meals that support your ayurvedic constitution, skin and hair care, daily and seasonal routines, you will receive a well-rounded education in Ayurveda lifestyle practices.

Our focus on mind-body balance practices, including yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, and journaling, will equip you with the tools to create a holistic approach to wellness for your clients and yourself.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

After completing this course you will be able to: 

Offer preventive health educational sessions on healthy lifestyle and diet.

Assist in addressing non-medical imbalances such as minor digestive issues, skin concerns, weight management, anxiety, fatigue, and sleep disturbances.

Identify each client’s unique mind-body type, their strengths and weaknesses.

Personalize daily routines and lifestyle recommendations to prevent health issues.

Utilize practical methods for managing stress and achieving mind-body balance.


About the Instructor:

Yugala Priti devi dasi is a certified Ayurvedic Health Coach with a comprehensive training from renowned institutes like Jiva Ayurveda in Faridabad, Greens Ayurveda in Kerala, and Amritanam Learning Center in the USA. She has harnessed her expertise to create the Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Training Course — a transformative immersion that will empower you to embrace the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and unlock a life of balance, vitality, and wellness. This practical and applicable course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and abilities to guide others towards optimal health and wellness, based on the principles of Ayurveda.


Special Guest Instructors on the Course:


  • – Dr Marianne Teitelbaum
  • – Dr Rajashree
  • – Dr Gauri
  • – Gopinath Prasad
  • – Robert Macherhammer
  • – Vilma Putriute
  • – Manjari Priya
  • – Adriel
  • – Kishori Yogini
  • – Sri Manjari
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What Will You Learn?

  • Principles of Ayurveda: the basic principles of Ayurvedic philosophy, including the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) and the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space).
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition: Ayurvedic dietary principles and how to create a balanced diet that supports health and wellness.
  • Safe Detox: types of toxins and how to safely eliminate them as well as traditional Pancha Karma therapies.
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine: Ayurvedic herbs and how to use them to promote health and healing.
  • Yoga and Meditation: benefits of yoga and meditation, as well as how to incorporate these practices into your life. As well as how to create mind-body balance through pranayama, yoga nidra, journaling and affirmations.
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices: including self-care, daily routines, and seasonal practices, that can support health and wellbeing as well as Ayurveda haircare and skincare.
  • Client Management and Coaching Skills: You will gain practical skills for working with clients, including how to assess their needs, create personalized wellness plans, and provide coaching and support.

Course Content

Module 1 – Fundamentals

  • Week 1: Orientation & Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda Fundamentals
  • Week 2: Prakriti: The Body Types
  • Prakriti
  • Week 3: The Three Doshas Part 1
  • Vata Dosha
  • Pitta Dosha
  • Week 4: The Three Doshas Part 2
  • Kapha Dosha

Module 2 – Routine

Module 3 – Herbs & Spices

Module 4 – Digestion & Gut Health

Module 5 – Detox

Module 6 – Beauty & Health Tips

Module 7 – Nutrition

Module 8 – Mind

Module 9 – Practice

Student Ratings & Reviews

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6 months ago
What an absolute joy and an eye opener this has been, this course has literally changed my life! The course pace is exactly what a busy person in a modern world can handle. It is very sefl-explanatory, Yugala Priti is very meticulous in her research and presentation of the content. Her teaching style is very soothing and overall she has a very healing energy. You don't feel pressured to complete tasks for the sake of completion, but only for your own understanding. The price of the course is an additional plus. I would say, I felt almost guilty compared to what other programs charge. I am in a program at the Ayurvedic Institute in North Carolina, USA, and must say that had I not been listening to Yugala's course, I would have been lost in my current studies. This is a proof that not everyone can teach, which makes me appreciate Yugala's course that much more - how extremely organized and full of beautiful illustrations it is, topped with relevant real-life examples and demonstrations. There were a lot of guest speakers which added to the richness of the whole experience.
Thank you so much, Yugala! I want to sign up for your other courses, especially the Vedic Lifestyle. Hare Krishna!
6 months ago
The Ayurvedic lifestyle coach training course has made me more conscious of how’s , whys, and what’s of my eating habits, lifestyle habits, daily routines, health care etc. The course content is effectively designed to suit the contemporary lives. It’s easy to apply and incorporate in our daily lives. Yugala Priti has been very meticulous in providing detailed and eye opening information through this course. The assignments in this course makes one steadfast of the Ayurvedic practices . The course is wholesome and nutritious not just for the body and mind but also for the soul.
6 months ago
Taking this course has been the best and happiest decision i have taken for myself it has been a package of knowledge given to us by our teacher Yugala Priti Devi Dasi. i have always wanted to learn ayurveda but did not know where to start from , this course has been the best start. the guest lectures would be a highlight of this course the guest lecturers helped us to get even more knowledge on the subjects and i would like to thank our teacher for helping us get knowledge from such great sessions. the assignments helped us to brush our knowledge again. out teacher made ayurveda easy to understand. Thanks for the time you have taken to share and spread the knowledge.
Thank you Mataji
Hare Krishna.
6 months ago
This course has been like a pack of gifts given to me by our respected Teacher Yugala Priti Devi Dasi.

I always wanted to learn Ayurveda, not just the curing, treatment part but in depth prevention including the diet part.

And this course covers all the aspects hence, it has been a boon for me, being a Nutritionist it has helped me in many ways.

The Guest Lectures imparted deep knowledge about the subject and they all were outstanding glad I got the opportunity to learn from them through this course.

The assignments allotted were interesting and helped to revise what we learnt.

Will look forward to Join for any new course that our respected Teacher will be announcing .

Hare Krishna
6 months ago
The Ayurvedic lifestyle course which we have attended under guidance of her grace Yugala Priti Mataji is one of the best designed courses, as a professional physiotherapist and a person who has been dealing with courses from last 25 years I can confirm with a guarantee that this was one of the most well arranged courses, beautiful slides and very professional method of presentation. Clear explanation and the best part of the courses was, it had made Ayurveda look so simple and easy to understand, all this credit goes to Mataji and prabhuji for designing it. I have been attending many courses, international courses, online and off-line and this was having a fantastic international standard. I have recommended to many of my students who are studying physiotherapy and Fitness training under me to do this course, and it is mandatory for understanding the Indian culture, I congratulate Yugal priti Mataji and Gopinath prabhuji and Govardhan eco village for the course, Hare Krishna.
6 months ago
It was a good journey of 9 months wherein I learned all basics of ayurved health knowledge.
The sessions were interesting with regular guest lecturers to keep it interesting and not letting monotony set in .
Good course for anyone who wants to start their journey of Ayurvedic healthy lifestyle which is tried and tested since centuries and ages
Thank you
6 months ago
This course is giving authentic information about Ayurveda. We keep on getting lot of information about health and practices which may not be correct or applicable to everybody. This course emphasize on individual treatment, how to recognize root cause, the remedies, diet and lifestyle recommendations. This is certainly useful course for individual, our near ones and for society if you are connected to any such activity.
6 months ago
The course is extremely well structured and reflects the instructor's profound knowledge of the subject. It covers different aspects like individual diet recommendations, treating simple health issues at home, some wonderful skin and health care tips, and also gives a brief insight into mental well-being and keeping which makes it a holistic and easy-to-relate learning course. I would recommend this course to anyone who's trying to understand Ayurveda as a beginner to have an insightful and knowledgeable experience.
6 months ago
This course is fantastic! So full of valuable information, thank goodness we will continue to have access to all of it after the end of the course :)
Yugala Priti Devi Dasi is a humble yet confident and capable fount of knowledge and she has been an excellent guide on this journey into the world of Ayurveda. The modules are interesting, thorough and thoughtfully structured, and the guest speakers were well chosen and offered great additional perspectives on their various topics.
Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and enthusiasm with us! Hare Krishna ^_^
6 months ago
I usually find studying online courses challenging as they can feel insular, however the Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Training course has been really engaging, relatable and easy-to-follow! The teacher, Yugala-Priti conveys so much passion, knowledge and care with each topic. The learning content that is available to the students is easy-to-understand and very well presented.
I am very grateful to this course as it is helping me to make healthy changes to my lifestyle as well as the confidence to share Ayurvedic knowledge with others.
6 months ago
I got this course when i am really looking for structured way of learning ayurveda lifestyle and cooking methods. It's really helpful and recommend to everyone whoever wanted to know about how to maintain your body, mind and soul. Mataji organized very structured way, provided many resources, brought many guests on the specialized topics. Topics have quizzes, assignments, capstone projects. These helped us to learn topics more Indepth. Mataji's timings, dedication is amazing. Thank you very much mataji for all your work and encouraging us to help self and others. Hare Krishna mataji.
7 months ago
This is a course that came just in time when I was trying to understand Ayurveda on my own. I loved how the course covers a whole range of topics which makes Ayurveda truly holistic. The course is well-paced and is full of information and knowledge. I love how guest speakers were invited to conduct some lessons according to their area of expertise. Ms Yugala Priti Mataji has put in a lot of efforts in creating this content and also mini quizzes and assignments to help us check our understanding . I truly enjoy this course and thank you so much for this fulfilling course.
7 months ago
This is an amazing course that I surely recommend to everyone who is concerned about his health and overall well-being! Yugala Priti is a wonderful and very much-learned Ayurvedic coach whose unlimited enthusiasm for Ayurveda is definitely contagious!
The course itself is really well organized, interesting, and informative. Moreover, Yugala Priti also provided a list of wonderful resources for further self-education about all Ayurvedic topics that we have covered in our lessons.
I am extremely happy to participate in this course. Thank you very much, dear Yugala Priti!
7 months ago
The course is structured and organised really well. The learning platform is easy to use and the quizzes and questionnaires are all well thought through and informative!
The price is great, and really affordable compared to other courses out there and Yugala Priti brings a lot of warmth, knowledge and personality to sessions. She has a lovely soft energy and I always feel my Sunday evenings are calmer once our class is over. If you're looking for a course that makes holistic healthcare and wellbeing practical and achievable, this is for you!
9 months ago
This course is a true game changer.
It is the course on Ayurveda I’ve been waiting for a long time and Yugala Priti is just the perfect teacher.

She unfolds ancient wisdom on holistic health in a way that is entertaining while at the same time very informative and educational.

She’s expert at using accurate language that makes her teachings comprehensive, relevant and yet easy to relate to for the modern audience.

I highly recommend this course, because it is very transformative, since it gives valuable and practical knowledge on how to improve your health right away.
10 months ago
Wow! What an incredible program, absolutely exceeded my expectations. As an experienced registered nurse, I can honestly say The Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Training not only helped me further understand basic concepts I was taught in nursing school, but also immensely enriched my knowledge overall. The topics covered and the depth of knowledge shared truly exceeded my expectations. The instructor, Yugala, is extremely knowledgeable, the course was very organized, and I truly looked forward to and enjoyed each live class. There are so many wonderful resources provided to further ones learning- one can take this course as far as they want and apply it in their personal lives and/or career. My overall approach in patient care has changed and improved for the better. I am beyond grateful to have taken The Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Training, thank you so much Yugala.
10 months ago
This course is just wonderful! It covers all main topics of life to keep oneself healthy, to establish right habits that prolong life and increase its quality. Ayurveda is such a holistic science, that can prevent and treat diseases, and it is best when one is able to stay healthy as well as to recognize minor imbalances and soon clear it out of the body. With this knowledge all disease can be prevented. I believe everyone should go through this course. It is so practical, applicable and understandable. No hard to grasp information, which would be used only in rare conditions, all information is relevant, interesting and well explained. Also it is perfect for busy people. I am a mama with a little baby and I appreciate a lot the flexible learning platform. I am very much enjoying the course, thank you Yugala!
This is the online Ayurveda course which I was looking for a long time! If you have a busy life, no time but love for ayurveda this course is definitely for you! Every week we indulge into different topics and after each lecture we can self check our understanding of each topic in a short test. Yugala, the teacher, by her charisma and knowledge of ayurveda will inspire you to learn and study more about ayurveda and sattvic lifestyle :)
12 months ago
A transformative course that empowers me to embrace holistic well-being.
1 year ago
This course is exactly what I was looking for, She’s doing a beautiful job simplifying such a vast topic and it’s making a lot of sense to apply things in my day to day life now.
Also the length of 9months for the course is great as it helps reinforce and implement a sustainable life style change over a period of time
Thank you ??
Hare Krishna ??